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Whats with the "hot teen on cam" stuff?

2011-06-24 14:14:00 by chrisellis

I seen it on alot of peoples profiles, and i been wondering if there spam bots or something.


2011-05-17 20:45:27 by chrisellis

Hello. :D


2010-09-22 20:40:29 by chrisellis

Happy madness day everybloody!

Time Fcuk.

2010-08-31 16:43:13 by chrisellis

i made a level, the level code is 8733
(ps: made 1 day before christmas 2009)

Zombie Creator (link inpost)

2010-06-22 19:36:43 by chrisellis

This is what I got on it dont look if you dont want the game to be spoiled!
When the outbreak occured, Tim was outside of one of the city of Sydney's rescue stations. Just when he thought he might break through the crowds and get inside, a car came up behind him. It couldn't stop. It crashed through the crowds and killed at least 9001 people. Tim was almost as unlucky, as he was pinned under the car. Then, as if in a dream, brittey spears came out of nowhere... but she wasn't herself, it was quite obvious that she had been turned into a Zombie. Blood ran down her DC, drenching it. Before Tim could react, not that he could do much, being pinned under the car, brittey spears sunk her teeth into his eye. He had put up a brittey spears poster in his room when he was 14, and thought that at least it was her biting him... 'Better her than a fat old man' he thought. Clutching his most prized possession, the table his wife gave him as a two week anniversary present, he slowly passed into Zombification. He was still stalking prey 3 years later... and did so until the army of Canada decided to take matters into their own hands, and dropped several nuclear bombs onto the city of Sydney, where the outbreak had first occured. This is the story of Tim.


2010-03-22 15:43:40 by chrisellis

some had 57 bad reviews permoting a site and 55 got erased and i "X"ed all of them and i got 55 blam points !_!


2010-03-15 16:00:47 by chrisellis

i made a new post

epic (well.... thats what i think)

2010-02-14 15:17:17 by chrisellis

/* */
if you never played or watched mother 3 you wouldn`t get this, so heres 2 links to awesome LPs for mother 3 nintendocaprisuns LP or chuggaaconroys LP

im a policeofficer (well i was for a few months)

2010-02-08 14:56:49 by chrisellis

yea..... im a policeofficer rank but you should know that if you checked within a month or so but you wouldnt care... (NOTE i mean on newgrounds(well duh))

its february!!!

2010-02-01 14:06:04 by chrisellis

YEA!! sweetttt! only 5 more monthes of school!!!